Slightly popeyed, awkwardly conscious of his social inadequacy, Dominic passes from preparatory school to Harvard college with a singular mission – to become a journalist committed to reporting real news, wherever it may happen. Yet his future has been charted for him in advance – thanks to a memorable first interview conducted as a twelve-year-old while on vacation on Vierwinden, his father’s land of origin.

We come to know a great deal of Dom through his progressive account of his personal development and events relating to his story. He tends towards introspection. He has difficulty interesting his classmates in ideas that seem important to him. His brain becomes overloaded, leading to uncomfortable interactions. But he is determined to govern his idiosyncrasies and to rely on his inner strengths.

A true journalist, Dom strives for an accurate interpretation of events and circumstances. His exploration of character is informed by his self-awareness and the willingness to grow. He asks for no special consideration, yet the reader sympathizes with his steadfastness and the inevitability of his fate. Victimized by the abuse of technology on the part of reactionary forces, he will use the computer to broadcast his message.