Philip Winsor: INTO EXILE
State College, Penna., 2015. Pp. 134. US$7.95. Pbk.
ISBN: 978-1-936466-12-2

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editorial review


Dominic Aldegonde’s commitment to journalistic integrity begins at the age of twelve when he interviews the diplomat Abbot Forbes, whose role in the history of Vierwinden is honored by the island natives, but deplored by American politicians. In the years following, Dom works on his interview notes, eventually publishing the essay that will lead him into self-imposed exile.

His search for direction begins in earnest at college. His political alignment forms rapidly as a result of the noisome attention of a fellow student, who sees him as leadership potential to be recruited to a reactionary clique coalescing around the charismatic but nefarious national president. Before long, Dom finds his life choices evaporating. A frenzy of events carries him once more to Vierwinden.


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