Richard Miles Jackman (1950–)



for classical guitar


– Night-time audio

The hustle and bustle of the day is over.
On this warm summer night we sit on the verandah to the chirping of cicadas.

– Snowdrifts audio

Snowdrifts in the moonlight,
As far as the eye can see, cold and bare,
Forever shifting and changing in the ceaseless wind.

– Water-lilies audio

Bright yellow water-lilies sitting alert on the shiny surface of dark motionless water.

– City audio

Even in the noisy city there is silence.
On the periphery you may hear the honking of a horn.

– Evening with you audio

In your presence the candles shine clearer and brighter.

– Forgotten story audio

Only traces remain.
Are they real, or imagined?

– Early spring audio

The ground is still patched with snow,
But today the sun shines warm on our faces;
The air is different;
An indescribable feeling tells us that Spring has arrived.



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